They were among the spearheads of heavy metal in the 1990s: KENZINER.

The Finns were one of the leading representatives of the Neo-Classical style with a good dose of Power Metal. After their two classic albums in 1998 and 1999, it took them a few years to return to the scene in 2014 with their third album. Since then, mastermind / guitarist Jarno Keskinen had to involve a new singer, Peter "Zinny" Zalesky. But in 2020 KENZINER want to know it again and they present their fourth, huge new work.

The classic keyboard sounds as well as the guitars in Power Metal style, which can be heard immediately. The extremely balanced production also brings out the strong vocals and, in total, leaves nothing to be desired. KENZINER also show a ballad-like atmosphere twice, but otherwise there is melodic Power Metal to be enjoyed by first-class musicians who master their craft and show their skills.